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Carré Rive Gauche
Carré Rive Gauche
Le Carré Rive Gauche, a neighbourhood rich in history
Rue des st Pères, rue de Beaune, rue du Bac, rue de l'Université, rue de Verneuil, rue de Lille, quai Voltaire
75006 - 75007 Paris FRANCE

From Georges de Cuevas to Charles Beaudelaire, from Alexandre Dumas to Amadeo Modigliani, from Alfred Jarry to Juliette Récamier, many famous personalities who have played an important part in French culture have animated the streets of the Carré Rive Gauche and its seventeenth and eighteenth-century hôtel particuliers, in what used to be Marguerite de Navarre's private gardens.

The Carré Rive Gauche is an area rich not only in works of art but also in historical places. Jean-Auguste Ingres had his studio on 17 quai Voltaire; Jacques Lacan practised psychoanalysis on 5 rue de Lille; the Younger Sons of Gascony, led by d'Artagnan lived on 17 rue du Bac; Serge Gainsbourg composed his music on 5 rue de Lille and Dominique Vivant Denon, first head of the Musée du Louvre, chose to settle in on 9 quai Voltaire. The antiquarians gradually left the right-hand bank of the Seine to come nearer this bohemian, aristocratic world where the wealth of ideas was in good harmony with all these pieces of art from all eras and specialities. The proximity with the Musée du Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs created strong bonds with the antique dealers and the great French and foreign museums. The Carré Rive Gauche has thereby become their favourite supplier: a tapestry was given to the MET, archaeological pieces to the Louvre, furniture and pieces of art to the Musée d'Orsay... the valuation competence of the Carré Rive Gauche's antiquarians is nowadays a reference to the artistic world. More than ever today, curators and great collectors might be seen hunting new pieces near the Rue de l'Université or the Rue de Beaune.